At Frogner Plass we have more space and a bigger kitchen – so the menu on this page is only served at Frogner Plass. But remember: on Fagerborg you get croissants, porridge and sandiwich in addition to our lovely coffee 🙂

Menu on Frogner Plass:

We use seasonal and local products from producers that have a big space on our hearts 🙂


Bread with:

Almond butter 79, –
Beetroot hummus 79, –
Ricotta 195, –
Butter, cheese and jam 90, –
Butter, cheese and ham 95,

Scone with jam 45,-
Yogurt with granola & fruit compote 75, –
Chia with granola and fruit compote 85, –
Soft or hard-boiled egg 39,-
Half grapefruit 19, –
Breakfast plate 185, –

croissant, bread, butter, jam, cheese,
beet hummus, soft / hard boiled egg,
grapefruit and yogurt

Soup with bread and butter 95, –
*Quiche 95, –
Sausage roll 60, –
Veggie roll 50, –
*Egg benedict 145, –

*only served thursday to sunday

Vegans are very welcome at Oslo K, talk with us and we make sure we cook something for you.